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About us

When your business depends on efficient and reliable measurement and control technologies, Ramén offers a well-balanced combination of robust products and qualified know-how to make sure your process always  runs optimized. The well proven Ramén Ball Sector Valve have more than 45 successful years on the global market and is still developed, produced and sold by Ramén in Sweden. Since 1978 Ramén has a well established role as distributor of a wide variety of well-known brands and products within the area of industrial control valves and regulators. For more than 35 years the products to complement our own Ball Sector Valve are Badger Meter/Research Control Valves, pressure regulators and control valves from Cashco, pressure regulators from ITT Conoflow, Control Air and many other well known brands. Ramén has a strong vision to grow the Flow Technology Business globally together with its customers, suppliers and with products made by Ramén.


Business concept

We focus on a few highly sophisticated products in the area of control valves and pressure regulators. We add value to the process industry in the form of broad theoretical and experienced based knowledge. This makes Ramén the best choice for controlling fluids, gases, vapors and abrasive media.



We operate from our office and workshop in Bromma, 9 km north of Stockholm. We have a distribution network in Europe, for the Ramén Ball sector valve. We market and sell a range of high quality control valves, regulators and accessories for industrial applications where we have products and spare parts on stock for the Nordic countries. We have a service organisation and a workshop to assemble, test, service and repair valves and regulators on-site or in the workshop.

Meet Our Team

Per Wennersten
Managing Director/Sales

Phone: +46 8 594 779 76
Cellphone: +46 70 255 95 11

Christer Lundgren
Production Manager/Sales

Phone: +46 8 594 779 77
Cellphone: +46 72 722 72 39

Carina Nildén

Phone: +46 8 594 779 72
Cellphone: +46 72 362 82 83


Per-Ola Jansson

Phone: +46 8 594 779 78

Erling Carlén


Phone: +46 8 594 779 79
Cellphone: +46 70 835 27 10


Matilda Lundgren
Marketing & Quality

Phone: +46 8 594 779 75
Cellphone: +46 72 722 09 96

Sneha Pandit

Sales Engineer

Phone: +46 8 594 779 70

Max Lundgren

Assembly & Service

Phone: +46 8 594 779 79
Cellphone: +46 70 255 95 17


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