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Service & Pressure Reducing Regulators

Category: Pressure reducing regulator

Conoflow’s Service (GH20 Series) and Pressure Reducing (GH25 Series) Regulators Me rugged units with now capacities and performance characteristics which allOw the units to operate In both instrument and industrial applications. For applications where positive shut-off and minimum consumption are required, the soft-sealed nozzle GH40 versions are available.

The GH20/40 Series units Bro available In brass/aluminum combinations, all brass or all stainless steel constructions. The GH25 Series are constructed of aluminum. Maximum supply pressure ratings 101″ the GH20 Series are 200 PSI (1379 kPa). 300 PSI (2068 kPa) for stainless steel models and the GH25 Series are rated 8t 250 PSI (1724 kPa). Buna “N” diaphragms are standard In the brass and aluminum units with Teflon/Buna “N”/Teflon sandwich diaphragms used in the stainless steel models. Other diaphragm materials arc available. Consult tho factory.