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KS Basis Weight

Ramén KS- Basis Weight

– Soft seated control valve, DN 50 – DN 300

Basis weight control valve is a critical part in paper machine operation controlling the the consistency of the pulp into the Head Box which dictates the paper weight and quality at the end of the process. Read more >>

To meet customers’ specification, Ramén offers a reliable and highly accurate control solution which is a KS-type valve with a special ball-shaft connection to avoid backlash, customized for the basis weight application. The high resolution controllability is enhanced by Oden backlash-free electric actuator with stepper motor controlled by a microprocessor.

Valve features and benefits:

  • Compact, low weight and robust design
  • High control rangeability (300:1)
  • Enhanced control accuracy with minimum backlash
  • Equal percentage control characteristic
  • Easy operation, erosion resistant and low maintenance
  • Self-drained with no hidden cavities leading to no dewatering
  • No clogging and increased lifetime

Actuator features:

  • Backlash free with control precision of 5.000 steps in 90° valve travel
  • Adjustable running time and acceleration
  • Compact design with hand wheel or key for manual operation
  • Positioning feedback loop via built-in high resolution REED switches on the main shaft
  • Duty cycle 100%
  • No need for additional control box or cabinet
  • Programmable with Oden Valve Program (OVP)

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Size range:

Pressure Class:




Temperature range:

Control characteristic:

DN 50 – DN 300

PN 16-40

Kvs 94 – 3840


PTFE seat ring

-40°C to +250°C

Equal percentage

2″ – 12″

ANSI 150-600 lb

Cv 110 – 4500


PTFE seat ring

-40°F to +482°F

Equal percentage

Power supply:

Control Signal:


Speed range:

Enclosure protection class:

24/48 VDC

4-20 mA galvanically isolated control and feedback signals, Modbus 485,

Digital 24 VDC 3-point control, 0-10V

0.1 to 285°/sec



Animated size overview of the Ramén Ball Sector Valve