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Material Execution KSG/KSGF
– Rubber Lined Ramén Ball Sector Valve
DN 80 – DN 200

The KSG is a rubber lined valve that offer extended resistance to wear and tear in the valve for slurries, gravel, iron ore and other highly abrasive media. The natural rubber used on the ball sector and in the house gives a valve with very long life time in any situation with maintained throttling characteristics. When a high end control valve is needed for tough media the Ramén KSG valve can be used in wafer and flanged design.


Pressure Class:




DN 80 – DN 200

Max 5 bar differential pressure

Up to 60°C

Kvs 90-1200

Wetted parts soft rubber lined

3″ – 8″

Max 5 bar differential pressure

Up to 140°F

Cv 110-1400

Wetted parts soft rubber lined

Other: CE-mark, Material Inspection Certificate 3.1

We recommend other material executions in case of high velocity and/or temperature and if cavitation will occur. Optional O-ring seals and trim variations are available, please consult Ramén. Always consult Ramén for valve sizing and material selection. General technical bulletins and data sheets are available for complete technical specification. Do not hesitate to contact Ramén for clarification.

Automation options: 
Pneumatic actuator SR (Spring Return) or DA (Double Acting) 
Digital / Electro pneumatic / Pneumatic positioner 
Electrical actuator
Hand lever
Hand wheel

Animated size overview of the Ramén Ball Sector Valve