3D – Additive manufacturing

Next generation industrial control valves

As one of the first valve manufacturers in the world – in cooperation with AIM Sweden we now supply additively manufactured / 3D printed control valves in titanium grade 5 material.






Benefits of additive manufacturing

  • Short lead times. Delivery within 4 weeks.
  • Green technology. Additive manufacturing technology builds the product in layers, reducing material waste and consumption. The waste generated in the process is reused in manufacturing and does not loose any of its properties.
  • Speed of design. Allows quick design changes without compromising short lead times.
  • Cost efficiency. Minimize stock and transportation costs.

Ramén Ball Sector Valve in titanium DN 25 – DN 100

The Ramén Ball Sector Valve in titanium with a PTFE stuffing box is used to increase tightness to atmosphere with corrosive media. When throttling chemicals where the media is corrosive and higher grade of alloys are needed the Ramén Ball Sector Valve in titanium is used.

Titanium Ti6Al4V (Grade 5)

Titanium Ti6Al4V (Grade 5) The high strength, low weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance inherent to titanium and its alloys has led to a wide and diversified range of successful applications which demand high levels of reliable performance in chemical plant, power generation, oil and gas and other major industries. Designing with titanium has resulted in reliable, economic and more durable systems and components, which in many situations have substantially exceeded performance and service life expectations.

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