Storage tank protection at AstraZeneca

In the production of pharmaceuticals several flammable and explosive fluids are used. At AstraZeneca’s production facilities in Södertälje, Sweden, 14 tanks held 13 different fluids of this kind. Due to their flammable and explosive character there was a need for equipment that could protect the tanks and prevent hazardous situations. […]

Storage tank protection

To avoid dangerous situations and to spare the environment sometimes storage tank protection is needed. This means that an inert gas is introduced to a storage tank, to counter the effects of oxygen on the storage material. When using the inert or inactive gas, the storage material does not get in contact with the oxygen, which extends the lifetime of the product and potential hazardous conditions are avoided. Storage tank protection is used in many different industries, for example the petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food and beverage industry. They use tank blanketing for many different media such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and fuel. […]

The Model 1088 is a valve specifically designed for small tank blanketing applications. It opens and closes automatically as required, to maintain a closely controlled blanket pressure. Standard valve material provides added corrosion protection at no additional cost. The simple design increases reliability and lowers maintenance cost.