Since 1965 Ramén Valves has been a part of the Swedish industry. We care for the historical legacy of our control valves and would like to share the story with you. Enjoy!


Max Sievert AB – one of the market leading Swedish distributors of instrumentation for the process industry – was lacking a good and affordable valve for regulating fiber suspension in pulp and paper production. The Swedish company Ramén Corporation AB was at the same time producing a conventional ball valve, not suitable for regulating.


In cooperation Max Sievert and Torsten Ramén developed the first Ramén-Sievert Ball Sector Valve called model KS and a pneumatic actuator. The product was marketed and sold by Max Sievert AB.

One of the first larger orders on the new Ramén-Sievert Ball Sector Valve came from the paper mill Södra Cell Mörrums Bruk and consisted of about 130 valves, from DN40 to DN500.


Kurt Trapp Ingenieurbüro GmbH in Germany started to market and sell the Ramén-Sievert Ball Sector Valve to the German pulp and paper industry. The featured image is from an exhibition in Baden-Baden 1999.


Ramén Trading AB was founded by Kjell and Birgitta Ericson, Gunnar Strand and Torsten’s son Bengt Ramén. The company took over the sales responsibility of parts of Max Sievert AB’s product portfolio, consisting of the Ramén-Sievert Ball Sector Valve and a number of other control valves and pressure regulators such as “Small Flow” globe control valves from Badger Meter/Research Control (USA), pressure regulators from Cashco Inc. (USA) and pressure regulators from ITT Conoflow (USA).


The name of the Ramén-Sievert Ball Sector Valve was now changed to Ramén Ball Sector Valve, models KS/KSP/KSG.


Ramén Trading moved from Solna to Sollentuna where they shared offices with Ramén Corporation. The two Ramén companies together developed a special electric actuator to be used together with the Ramén Ball Sector Valve for basis weight control on paper machines. The featured photo is taken outside the office a particularly snowy day.


During this period Ramén Trading expanded and delivered control valves and pressure regulators to a number of different applications all over the world. Some of the more significant orders came from the German pulp and paper industry and the Swedish rolling mills.


The production of the Ramén Ball Sector Valve was in 1991 transferred from Ramén Corporation to Ramén Trading. Since then manufacturing has been part of our business concept.


Ramén Trading moved to new premises in Österbybruk and extended the production facilities and stock area.


Per Wennersten and Christer Lundgren acquired Ramén Trading from Kjell N. Ericson who since 1967 had been involved in the design, development and marketing of the original Ramén-Sievert KS Control Ball Sector Valve.


Ramén Trading AB becomes Ramén Valves AB to reflect the core competence and commitment to development, marketing, sales and manufacturing of control valves. Later the same year Ramén Valves relocates to Mariehäll (Bromma) outside Stockholm.


Ramén becomes certified according to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.


Ramén Ball Sector Valves gets certified according to PED CAT II Modul D1.


In november Ramén acquired the Swedish valve manufacturer Engelsbergs Ventiler, forming an even stronger and more competitive portfolio of industrial valves.