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Control valve solutions for the marine and offshore industry

We embrace harsh environments and caters to the need of the marine and offshore industries by providing excellent flow control solutions, ranging from simple water intrusion to special pressure requirements and corrosion.

The marine and offshore industry operates in extremely challenging and harsh conditions, in addition to that all interruptions and downtime quickly results in high costs. This requires specialized flow control solutions where reliability, efficiency and safety is key. The robust construction of the Ramén Ball Sector Valve combined with premium materials ensures minimal maintenance and a prolonged life cycle. To prevent corrosion in aquatic environments our control valves are available in a wide choice of materials such as Hastelloy® C, SMO and titanium. Furthermore the compact design with protected stem gives an excellent maintenance free valve solution.

The marine valves we offer can be certified by a third party/classification society, these include, DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and Lloyd’s Register. Ramén Ball Sector valves are made of high quality and certified materials based on the client requirements like EN, ISO or NORSOK material certifications. Ball Sector valves can be fitted with noise reduction trims, to comply with different standards for noise limits.

Other suggested products for marine and offshore applications 

Back pressure regulator model BQ from Cashco – Successfully installed in vessels. Special epoxy painting of all non-corrosion resistant external surfaces for offshore installations.

Pressure reducing regulator model DA1  from Cashco – Available in Duplex SST with NACE rated materials designed for offshore applications. Also available in Super Duplex Body and Monel trim for sea water services.

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