Our trusted brands

All brands available at Ramén Valves are either the ones we manufacture ourselves or brands we hand picked for their excellent quality. The relationship with some of our suppliers goes back to the 1970's, making us well educated and knowledgeable about their product portfolios.

Ramén logo big

Our original brand, manufacturing the Ramén Ball Sector Valve in Stockholm, Sweden. Ramén offers valves in a variety of sizes, materials and configurations.

Engelsberg logo big

Our own brand since 2017. Manufacturing a wide variety of industrial process valves in Fagersta, Sweden. Engelsberg goes back to the 1940’s and have a long history of delivering high quality products in high alloy steels and titanium.

Vodak logo big

Vodak is our own brand, mainly active on the Swedish market. Sourcing flow components such as industrial HVAC Valves and actuators. Specialized in modification of valves to fit special customer requirements.

Cashco Inc. logo

Cashco Inc. manufacture and market a wide range of industrial regulators and tank safety equipment. The company is based in Kansas, USA. Ramén Valves have been the exclusive Swedish distributor of Cashco regulators since the 1970’s.


Badger Meter logo big

Badger Meter is an American brand that manufacture a wide range of high quality microflow globe valves and globe style control valves. Ramén Valves have been exclusive Swedish distributor of Badger Meter microflow valves since the 1970’s.

Goetze Armaturen logo big

The German company Goetze Armaturen have been designing and manufacturing safety valves for a wide range of applications since the 1950’s. Let Ramén Valves guide you through their broad portfolio of safety valves, helping you find the right fit for your process.

Control Air logo big

ControlAir Inc. is a ledning manufacturer of I/P converters and filter regulators, based in New Hampshire, USA. These are excellent products, hand picked by Ramén Valves to complement our valves and regulators.