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Globe Style Control Valves

Globe style control valves are the most common type of control valve. They got their name because in the early design of the valve the interior cavity of the valve had a circular or globe shape. Globe valves are also known as Linear Valves because the stem that actuates the valve moves up and down in a straight line.

Globe Valve features and design

Globe style control valves differ significantly from rotary valves such as ball, eccentric plug and butterfly valves in that they have a “torturous” flow path. The flow changes direction several times as it passes through the valve regardless of the stem travel. This torturous path acts to dissipate energy due to friction which in turn makes the globe valve less susceptible to noise and cavitation problems.

Another benefit to the globe valve design is that it can control extremely low Cv’s/Kv’s.

Globe valves are versatile and suitable for many different applications

Globe style control valves are available with specialized trim that allows them to handle very high pressure drops of both liquids and gases.

Globe valves come in sizes ranging from ¼” up to 20” with sizes ½” through 8.0” being the most common. There is also a great variety of flow characteristics which allow them to be used in many different applications.