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Electrical actuator

SGCR & SQR series

Auma SGCR & SQR series of electrical actuators provide accurate and reliable control automation for quarter turn control valves driven by an electric motor. The valve travel and applied torque are recorded through a control unit in the actuator. If the valve desired position is reached the control unit sends a signal to motor controls which are usually integrated within the actuators. Thereafter the actuation is stopped. Motor controls have an appropriate electric interface to communicate with the DCS.

SGCR and SQR series are equipped with AM and AC integral controls. This enable them to operate by local controls once they are connected to the power electrical supply.

Suitable for modulating applications, these actuators are automatically switched off once the end position is reached or an excessive torque is applied maybe because of an object trapped within the valve. They also feature a thermal motor protection using thermo-switches or PTC thermistors within the motor windings.

Power supply:


Control Signal:


Temperature range:

Housing material:

Protection classification:

Interface and connections:

Standard approval:

115-230VAC (1-phase) for SGCR

380-500 VAC (3-phase) for SQR

0/4-20 mA (galvanically isolated) control and feedback signals, Foundation Fieldbus,

Profibus DP, Modbus, Hart, wireless

-25°C to +70°C

Aluminum with high quality finish coating


In compliance with ISO5211

SIL 2 in some configurations, available versions complied with ATEX

Ramén delivers complete control valve assemblies applying SGCR (for 1-phase) & SQR (for 3-phase) types of actuators for various sizes of DN 25-300. Ramén valves and Auma electrical actuators offer high control precision and smooth operation for numbers of applications.