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KS High Temperature

Ramén KS- High Temperature

– Metal seated control valve, DN 25 – DN 300

This model, a special execution of Ramén KS, is a tailored control valve for high temperature applications, especially for steam control. This is a modified version of KS-1B, designed to withstand temperature as high as +250°C while maintaining the control precision and reliability. This is thanks to carefully selected materials such as stainless steel body, Stellited metal seat, hard chromed ball sector, high grade EPDM-90 O-ring and MP bearing.

This control valve assemby include high temperature pneumatic actuator to withstand the heat through radiation. This combination enables our valves to resist tough operability, maximizing the equipment uptime and minimizing the process unit downtime.

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Size range:

Pressure Class:


Temperature range:

Control characteristic:

Control rangeability:

DN 25 – DN 300

PN 16-40

Kvs 0,025 – 3840

Up to +250°C

Equal percentage


1″ – 12″

ANSI 300-600 lb

Cv 0,03 – 4500

Up to 482°F

Equal percentage



This execution is an adapted version of KS-1B model for high temperature applications with carefully selected materials for the body and innervalves to withstand temperature as high as +250°C without sacrificing control accuracy and reliability. This model can be delivered with efficient and high temperature actuator and auxiliary equipment.

The Ramén Ball Sector Valve can be used for temperatures from -40°C to +250°C. The exact temperature range is always depending on pressure, media and sealing material. Always contact your valve supplier if pressure, media or sealing material changes. 

Automation options: 
Pneumatic actuator SR (Spring Return) or DA (Double Acting) 
Digital / Electro pneumatic / Pneumatic positioner 
Electrical actuator
Hand lever
Hand wheel

Animated size overview of the Ramén Ball Sector Valve