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Oden Control

Oden Control

Electrical actuator


Oden Control V- series electrical actuators, are characterized as highly accurate, reliable, very compact, energy efficient and requiring nearly zero maintenance.

They utilize a stepper motor design running with adjustable acceleration. Stepper motor can move the actuator in discrete angular increments in response to electrical pulses resulting in highly improved control resolution. This feature enables the model to provide control precision of up to 5000 steps in 90° turn.

V-series electrical actuators are suitable for both On/Off and throttling applications with free OVP-V software for easy configuration.

Power supply:

Control Signal:


Temperature range:

Housing material:

Enclosure protection degree:

Interface and connections:

Standard approval:

24/48 VDC

4-20 mA galvanically isolated control and feedback signals, Modbus 485,

Digital 24 VDC 3-point control, 0-10V

-40°C- +80°C

Anodized Aluminum and also available in high quality coating like Tufram


ISO flanges

EAC, CE-marked

Ramén delivers complete control valve assemblies applying V-series actuator for various sizes of DN 25-300. Ramén valves and V-series electric actuator offer the most accurate and easiest control for gas, steam, liquid and slurry flows.