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Ramén KS-1E

Ramén KS-1E

Material Execution 1E
– Metal seated Control Valve with deep stellited seat
DN 25 – DN 300

The Ramén Ball Sector Control Valve in material execution 1E is a stainless steel control valve with a deep stellited metal seat and hard chromed ball sector that offers improved life time in any application. KS-1E is used for abrasive liquids or gases at moderate pressure or pressure drop (flow velocity) and temperatures which are within the limits of the metal seat and O-ring seals.

KS-1E is used for many abrasive liquids containing hard particles within cellulose & paper industries, waste water in steel mills, sewage plants and many others. Select KS-1E at elevated velocity and/or temperature and if incipient cavitation will occur.

gb Data Sheet Ramén Ball Sector Valve/ KS-1E_DN40-DN300 small-pdf-logo

gbData Sheet Ramén Ball Sector Valve/ KS-DN25small-pdf-logo




Pressure Class:




DN 25 – DN 300

PN 16-40

-40°C to +250°C

Kvs 0,025 – 3840

EN 1.4436, 2343

1″ – 12″

ANSI 300-600 lb

-40°F to +482°F

Cv 0,03 – 4500

SST 316, CF8M

Other: CE-mark, Material Inspection Certificate 3.1

This execution is used for abrasive liquids containing hard particles within cellulose & paper industries, waste water in steel mills or sewage plants, lime milk and many other applications. Choose KS-1E for the most extreme abrasive applications where other types fail. KS-1E is always installed in reversed flow direction with the ball sector orifice located at the valve outlet so that the valve body does not suffer from the higher fluid velocity that is created after the throttling orifice at the valve exit.

The Ramén Ball Sector Valve can be used for temperatures from -40°C to +200°C (+250°C). The exact temperature range is always depending on pressure, media and sealing material. Always contact your valve supplier if pressure, media or sealing material changes.

Automation options: 
Pneumatic actuator SR (Spring Return) or DA (Double Acting) 
Digital / Electro pneumatic / Pneumatic positioner 
Electrical actuator
Hand lever
Hand wheel

Animated size overview of the Ramén Ball Sector Valve