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Electrical actuator

RCEL series

RCEL- series of electrical actuators supplied by Remote Control, subsidiary of Rotork Group, offer efficient, reliable, long life and high performance control automation. These actuators, sturdily designed for both On-Off and regulating applications, quietly operate by a fully enclosed electrical motor with a thermal motor protection. They have also a built-in heater preventing condensation because of temperature and humidity change.

RCEL model features a “power start” function, i.e. an increasing rpm before start, producing a higher torque at start-up mode. This advantage makes this series a suitable choice for valves have been standstill for a long time and initially require more force.

Power supply:



Control Signal:


Temperature range:

Housing material:


Protection Classification:

Standard approval:

Interface and connections:

24VDC/ 24VAC(optional)

110/230VAC for 1-phase

380/400/440 VAC for 3-phase

4-20 mA galvanically isolated control & analog feedback signals


-30°C to +70°C

Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Bronze with anodizing and dry powder epoxy as an

external coating

IP67, IP68 (optional), Nema 4 & 6

Explosion approved design ATEX/CSA

In compliance with ISO5211

Ramén control valves, in sizes of DN25-300, combined with RCEL series of actuators provide smooth running and easy operation for both on/off and throttling applications.