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Foxboro SRD998

Foxboro SRD998

Digital positioner

Schneider Electric

Foxboro SRD998 series is a smart and highly reliable digital positioner supplied by Schneider Electric. Designed for both single and double acting actuators, SRD998 can be operated from control systems, controllers and PC-based configurations.

SRD series functions applying nozzle and flapper mechanism. This principle is all about a pressure signal produced by a mechanical movement. That is a fluid flow restriction through a nozzle covered by a flat plate called flapper generates the pressure signal.

To mention some benefits of SRD998 we may say:

  • Easy operation
  • Local configuration
  • Auto-start with self-calibration
  • High diagnostic level with self-diagnostics features
  • Extremely reduced commissioning time
  • Reduced installation cost

SRD998 type can be also supplied with an air volume booster for larger actuators or to lower the action time.

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Set-point signal :

Temperature range:

Housing material:

Enclosure protection degree:

Explosion protection:

4-20 mA, HART 7

–40°C to 85 °C

Aluminum alloy with Polyester powder coating

IP 66/NEMA 4x

Intrinsic Safety according to ATEX / IECEx, INMETRO, NEPSI