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Pneumatic actuator-Rack & pinion

WM Type 1&2

Wirematic rack & pinion type of actuators, offer a wide range torque to generate a quarter turn movement.

In rack & pinion mechanism a circular gear (pinion) rotates by two gear bars (racks) due to the air pressure in the outer/inner chamber of the actuator. This results in a rotary motion of the actuator.

These actuators can be configured as spring return (SR) or double acting (DA). The springs are placed inside the piston rack in an anodized aluminium casing resulting in a high quality compact design, suitable for rotary valves.




Temperature range:

Operating pressure:

Standard connections:

Standard approval:

Anodized Aluminum, CNI (Chemically Nickel/PTFE Impregnated), others on request

Stainless steel driveshaft material AISI 303/304 to be used for harsh environment

-30°C to +80°C for standard operation (others on request)

2-10 bar

VDI/VDE 3845, Namur, ISO 5211, DIN 3337

ATEX, DNV, SIL and PED declaration

Ramén control valves provide an accurate and stable control using Wirematic actuators for valve sizes of DN 25-300 to meet the customers’ requirements. Do contact us for further information.