Safety valves

A safety valve is a valve which automatically, without the assistance of any energy other than that of the fluid concerned, discharges a quantity of the fluid so as to prevent a predetermined safe pressure being exceeded, and which is designed to reclose and prevent further flow of fluid after normal pressure conditions of service have been restored. Ramén Valves supply safety valves from the German brand Goetze.

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The safety valves of this series have been awarded full approval for vapours and gases as well as for liquids. All components of the valve are specially cleaned during the production process and are thus oil- and grease free in accordance with DIN EN 12300. Because of this every valve is suitable for use in systems using oxygen and is accordingly marked. The use of 1.4404 and 1.4408 high-alloy stainless steels renders the safety valves particularly resistant to extremely cold temperatures. For the use with gases that are in contact with food an FDA-compliant sealing material has been used.
The valve setting and seat insert are separately sealable which makes unauthorised adjustments easily noticeable. Overpressure from 0.2 bar up to 70.0 bar is purged safely with a consistently high level of performance.

If the high capacity safety valves with their numerous feature variations for standard applications are technically too complex and oversized from a capacity point of view, but a particular emphasis is placed on quality and corrosion resistance, this stainless steel all-round talent is the perfect solution.
Whether with or without lifting device, the gas tightness of the spring housing is always guaranteed.

The consequential expansion of the valve series 451 with smaller nominal diameters now allows the best and therefore most efficient design of safety valves with smaller discharge volumes.
The proven versatility in different variations leads to use for a variety of media with different aggregate conditions. The possibilities for use are in medical process equipment construction and in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries in secondary areas.

New applications can now be covered by Goetze’s well-proven, robust pressure reducing valve with threaded connections now that they have extended their gunmetal series 681 to include a stainless steel version. The new 481 offers all the advantages of the 681 – while at the same time withstanding very critical and aggressive media and environments. Additional outlet pressure ranges of 0,5 to 2 bar and 5 to 15 bar make this valve suitable for an even wider range of applications.

By means of an external setting mechanism this valve can be set or adjusted by the operator during operation. The closed, gastight version with large spring ranges offers a wide range of application possibilities. This valve is also widely used as an overflow valve in applications where the plant pressure often changes. Due to its versatility and large spring ranges, this valve can be highly recommended as a stock item.